Brianna is Home

This is the first of many posts to come in honor or Brianna Berrier. She always was a Big believer in God, in Jesus, and in heaven. She was a Big believer in doing good things for people even if she didn’t know them. She will live on in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls.
Bumble Bee

My wife and I went home the other night to pick up a few things from our house.

Once inside, I noticed a buzzing noise over by the front door. A bumblebee was flying into the light inside the house above our entryway.

I grabbed a magazine and swatted the bumblebee out the front door. Afterwards I told Amanda it was Brianna. She was rightfully upset with me and said everything is not Brianna. My feelings get the best of me most times and I just had that feeling this time….but I thought to myself, “she’s probably right” not everything is Brianna.

So I went outside with my tail tucked in and just got lost in prayer.

30 seconds after going outside I noticed the same bumblebee started flying into the door. It sounded like someone was flicking the door. It flew into that door 30 times before I walked inside and told my wife Amanda,” Yes it is Brianna…. Everything is Brianna. She is here with us always and forever” It’s not normal to think like this for us. We pray and try to get close to God but I think a lot of us are in the same boat. I didn’t go though everyday actively thinking Angels are all around us. Its just not socially accepted. With so many distractions, it’s easy to overlook what guides us in life.

The bumblebee eventually flew into the bucket of fake flowers hanging on the door and never came out. I tried moving the flowers and looking inside but she never came back out.

Was the bumblebee attracted to the light, maybe attracted to the fake flowers? If so, why would it fly into the door and into the light? Bees know the difference between real flowers and fake flowers… and they also know not to repeatedly fly into a closed door. Brianna wanted in. Brianna wanted to come inside.

Anything is possible but I think it was Brianna or God telling us she was okay. Brianna Berrier has the same initials as Bumble Bee, BB. I didn’t even know bumblebees came out at night, especially 10pm at night.

Also why would it come to the indoor light and not fly into the outside light on the front porch?

The next day I saw a plastic bumblebee at the end of our driveway. Amanda said she’s never seen it before. God is good.


Brianna Berrier

Brianna Berrier

  • Paul L Berrier

    never discount your intuition esp if you have Cherokee blood in you as you and I do. When my mother died, I walked outside and immediately above my head a shooting star shot across the sky and when I walked down the driveway a gentle breeze brushed across my left cheek although there was no wind or movement on an adjacent lilac bush. I simply told my mother I loved her and would see her in heaven someday.

  • Autumn Mendez

    That is beautiful. I believe it was her.

  • aunt lana

    never quesion the power of love! one day when i was missing your grandmother very much, a music box she ahd given to me started playing; even tho i had not wound that box up in years. i knew in my heart that my mom was telling me that everything was going to be alright… so just keep on believing. i love you…….