Dreams with an angel

Hello, I’m Ericka Roehrig. Well, I’m new to the blogging world but I have a few stories and dreams I’ve had with Brianna that I think she would want me to share. So bear with me!

First I would like to share that I went to school with Brianna Berrier . I was only in the seventh grade, so I wasn’t in her class and wasn’t able to see her every day. However, I saw her in the school hallways and the bathrooms from time to time. Whenever I passed her she would smile and say “hey.” I would tell her “hay is for horses”, and she would reply back saying; “I know, I love horses!” That girl always put a smile on my face. April 12th, 16th, and 17th were some of the hardest days of my life. They came and really hit home. However, Brianna is now watching over all of her loved ones. She will be showing us all signs of love in many different ways. Much like the Bee Story for example.

(If you haven’t read this, the link is here: Bee Story )

Anyways, I haven’t had many encounters that were like Matt and Amanda’s with the bumblebee. But I have had a few dreams featuring Brianna in them. The first one, I remember, had been after a long day of constantly thinking about her. The dream started in our school’s office. I was called down, but none of the office-aides or teachers seemed to know why or remember calling me down. I was about to go back to class just as I saw Brianna sitting to my right, next to the office exit. I immediately started crying and ran over to hug her. She laughed and hugged me back. She told me she missed me and came to visit. She convinced me to leave the school and go run around with her. We somehow managed to sneak outside without being noticed.

We ran out of Douglas Hills and soon ended up somehow being transported into Heaven. When we got there, she led me to a house constructed out of flowers that resembled multiples of ones that were given to her at her Life Celebration. She told me she had built it and began to show me around. When she was finished, she began telling me stories of all the nice people she had met and became friends with. She told me that Jesus was a wonderful brother and is looking out for me. We talked for a little while more before she told me she had to go, and the dream ended.

In another dream, it was summer. Brianna always told me how she had a summer “bucket-list” of things she wanted to happen this summer. So, I was sitting at home and I heard someone knocking on my bedroom door. I went to open it and nobody was there. I turned around and Brianna was on my laptop. She said “Geez, you’re always on this thing! Let’s go do something else!” I asked her what she wanted to do, and she pulled out her summer bucket-list. She said “Everything on here.” It was about seven pages long. I couldn’t help but to think she was crazy, but I wanted to spend time with her. We checked off each place we went to, one by one.

We ended up going to Hawaii and swimming with dolphins. We went to the grand canyon, and she complained the whole time about how hot it was. Afterward, she said she still had fun, though. We went sky-diving, and bungee jumping. At one point, I said “Brianna, I never knew you wanted to do things like this.” And she said “I did, but was always too scared. That’s a good thing about being in Heaven; now I’m not afraid of anything.”

The place we visited that I remember most was a huge grocery store called Jungle Jim’s, in Indiana. When we got there I had no idea what the point of it was until Brianna grabbed my hand and made me follow her to the back of the store. She said “Okay, we’re going to end up in trouble, but we’ll still have fun” I just laughed and did what she wanted to. We ended up going to an aisle of the store that held costumes. She put on a monkey costume over her clothes, and handed me a banana costume. We ran around the store singing Christmas carols and knocking every item off the shelves. The dream ended when we got kicked out of the store, and she walked me back home. It was amazing. I love that girl with all my heart.

These are just a few of the past encounters I have had with this angel. I can not wait to have more. I know these dreams were not only part of the grieving process, but Brianna coming to visit. She was/is such a joyous person to be around. So, whether you have seen her or seen signs of her, just remember that she is always watching over us. She is walking with us on our journey’s every step of the way. She loves us, and knows everything will be okay in the end. Thank you for reading, I’ll post more when I can. Love you Brianna

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  • alivia

    Hi ericka its alyssa fergusons little sister alivia. I know that u guys arent friends anymore but i just wanted to communicate and say this is a lovely piece, now we will defininteley cherish brianna forever. U r sweet and kind and i bet u were a loving friend to brianna. I want u to push through what ever ur going through too. This happened a year ago but it will ALWAYS be important. R.I.P brianna. And may we pray on and to her, god bless u too ericka,
    -Alivia Ferguson