Thank you to the kind people at North Oldham Middle School who helped us secure the domain name. Brianna collected domain names and was one of the youngest domainers in the industry. She also loved horses which makes receiving the name a special moment for everyone.

Anyone who knows anything about domain names or the internet understands the value of owning Now Brianna is the new proud owner of The first pictures she ever took with her new ipod were pictures of her feeding two horses.

This horse loved what Brianna just gave him….

Sticking his tongue out @ Brianna, lol

Did you just give that horse a sourpatch gummy Brianna?

She had a loving and kind heart for animals, especially horses.

Yummy, thx Bri #BB312

Yummy, thx Bri #BB312

Brianna and her Mommy:

Brianna and her Daddy:

Brianna and her little brother and little sister. She always looked out for her siblings:

Brianna with her friends:
Bri and Friends

Now when anyone searches and clicks they will be re-directed to
We LOVE YOU BRIANNA! Hope you love the new name. We know you’re proud.

*No animals or horses were harmed during the making of this post. All above references of Brianna as a horse are for fictional purposes only. She, nor any of her friends resemble anything close to looking like a horse.