Thank You to All of Our Domainer Friends

A Thank You to the Heroes of the Berrier Family!

I wanted to pen a quick post to everyone to say thank you. We have a lot of people who got behind the call to help for Matthew and his family and I want to take a moment to recognize these special individuals. Without these good people, the Berrier family would be under a crushing mountain of debt related to the funeral expense for Brianna. And as any grieving family knows, money is the last thing that they should be concerned about when trying to pick up the pieces.

So with all that being said, I would like to thank these people for contributions to the Berrier family. Without them we would not have gotten anywhere close to meeting our goal:

Toby Clements
Toby is a really good friend of mine. He’s funny, lighthearted, and very family oriented. When I told Toby of the tragedy that had befallen the Berriers he jumped right into action. First, Toby ran an article asking for donations which brought in an overwhelming response. And then two days later Toby ran a charity domain auction for Brianna which brought in another large round of donations. Toby has really helped move the needle and has been hugely impactful in our fundraising. Toby, you are a godsend!

Ron Jackson
Ron Jackson is a personal friend who has a heart of gold. When I sent him an email as a call for help he immediately responded that he would do everything in his power to help — and he did! Within 24 hours Ron had a post up calling attention to the issues surrounding Matthew’s family. Thank you, Ron.

Elliot Silver
Elliot is one of the best known Domainers on the internet. He’s been a personal friend of mine for years, and he’s a just an all around nice guy and astute businessman. When I emailed Elliot, he was quick to assist and very open with his offer to help. We appreciate the assistance and everything you’ve done, Elliot. Thank you!

Theo is a very well known in the domain industry, not only for bieng the author of one of the greatest parody blogs our industry has ever seen, but also because his status an an veteran domainer. Theo was instrumental for spreading the word about the need for donations and really rallied the troops. Thank you, Theo!

Francois Carrillo
I’ve known Francois for years and he’s always been such an inspiration. When Francois heard we needed help he offered up space on his industry leading news aggregator,, and it really helped raise awareness and donations. You’re a star, Francois! Thank you!

Morgan Linton
I’m humbled to tell you that I don’t know Mark. Mark came to me after he saw the tragic news and asked if he would help spread the word. Mark posted on his industry blog,, with a heartfelt message and really helped drive traffic to our memorial site. Thank you, Mark. We’ve seen the compassion of strangers at work and it’s been extremely heartfelt. Thank you for everything.

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