We’ve hit our milestone!! Awesome!! Thank you!!

As of 1:15PM EST on 4/19/2013, we’ve reached what was once thought to be an unfathomable goal of $10,000 to help the Berrier family. In 3 days we’ve been able to come together as one group, one band of friends, one community, and one industry to pay our respects to Brianna in the only way we knew how, by donating to help the struggling family.

The best part? It WORKED!!!!!! We have now reached our goal!!!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped and everyone who donated. We are finally at our goal and it feels great.

A grieving family will have one less worry on their mind. Thank you so much for your generosity. All of us who have worked on BriannaBerrier.com site/campaign have been overwhelmed by the kindness and mercy of strangers.

Thank you to everyone who donated, lent time, expertise, or platforms. Without you, this blessing would have never happened.

Humbly yours!!!

Sean Stafford

  • paul berrier, jr.

    Thank you so very, very much for your time, expertise and effort in behalf of the entire Berrier family. Having to cope with this unexpected tragedy was devastating; facing the ill prepared for financial burden it created was to say the least, daunting. This along with the families contributions will assist a young, loving heartbroken couple in being able to focus on their grieving process and mourn the precious daughter they have lost in this ordeal. Our gratitude and love goes out to you and all the people who have helped to make this possible.